Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have this yoga DVD and I have always loved it. Its by Gaiam and I bought it through one of those book boxes that comes to your work. I love it - it makes me feel really good and well.

Part of my goal is to get back into the yoga as its so relaxing and energising at the same time. I even bought myself a proper yoga mat tonight so I wont slip.

I am a bit tight so I have a lot of goals to achieve from the DVD but thats what this journey is all about!


  1. Gilly how do you manage to calm your mind enough for yoga, my mind is always trailing off onto things I have to do, cooking, the kids etc. What is your secret?

  2. Absolutely... it's all about the journey.
    I've let my yoga practice slip too - it's on my list for 2010 so I'll be joining you on the journey soon :)

  3. Clo I think for me the key is the breathing. That way its something to focus on and it helps to clear my mind.