Sunday, January 31, 2010

Exercise Review

Ok heres where we are at as of Sunday afternoon. I only have one more day before a weigh in and I am going to a circuit class and will do yoga PM.

So this is how it has gone so far:

Monday - yoga (felt sore and tired)
Tuesday - walk (in Perth)
Wednesday - aerobics
Thursday - walk & yoga
Friday - aerobics
Saturday - aerobic
Sunday - aerobics
Monday - circuit class and yoga.

My mini goal with exercise in December was

Mini Goal

To exercise for 30 minutes a day at a rate which will burn fat 4 times a week.

These exercises can include walking, swimming and aerobics.

I think I can safely say I have attained that goal! Yah for me :)

Im very proud of myself considering 6 weeks ago (yes as little as 6 weeks ago) I was sedentary basically. I did nothing. And now I dont feel right unless I do something. I know yoga doesn't burn many calories but it does burn a small amount - but even without that i still have reached my mini goal....In actual fact last weeks data means I reach my half way goal - but I will wait to call that one until its sustained.

January 31st - Another Weekend Gone

Well we are in the bottom dig of this weekend and its been flat out. Jack starts full time school tomorrow and so we have been working this weekend at Mike playing with the kids alot and me getting everything ready! Jack was a little off this weekend too and we had to cancel dinner plans so that was a bummer.

I have been a maniac working out - I get a bit like that just before weigh in time. I have done aerobics three days in a row now (Fri, Sat, Sun ) and my body can feel it! I have been quite careful with what I have eaten - although last night we had BLTs after canceling our dinner invite. But having said that they were very stripped back - no fat bacon cooked on the BBQ and with multigrain breads and salad. Not perfect but I would normally have reached for a take away.

I will be interested to see how the weight loss goes. I have stepped on the scales a few times and I know Im going in the right direction.

This week also sees me start a circuit class on Mondays and returning to Badminton on Tuesdays as well as a water aerobics class on Thursdays. That will change things up nicely between my aerobics and walking. I also need to get in a yoga workout - probably tomorrow night.

A busy week ahead for sure!

Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29th - TGIF...

Its really hot...

I did aerobics...

Now I get to relax :)....

I can now make myself an Antonella as I fit into the measurements without redrafting....

Thank god its Friday....yah for weekends :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28th - Yoga and a Walk!

Well today I managed to do a walk and some yoga. You know - with the yoga I am finding that I am become more able to fully complete some of the more difficult poses, ones like triangle pose and I am also now able to return to standing from being bent over with straight legs - both wide and together. I am starting to feel the full stretches in areas like my groin when I correctly open my legs wider and along down my arms into my ribs when stretching out. Its amazing and Im enjoying the more ways than one LOL ;)

I do feel however I am starting to slip a little in my eating...nothing drastic but and extra piece of something here or maybe not properly weighing something. I need to reign that in. If I am doing all of this exercise I need to take that and keep those calories off - not see that as an excuse to eat more because I exercised. Nothing really bad has happened - just seeing the signs.

I also need to address stress management. Today the kids were particularly difficult and I need to learn to take a deep breath and to relax and to not take everything so personal. I feel it will create a better relationship with the kids and within myself. I just need to breathe....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Exercie Plan - Review

This was my plan from a few posts ago...

Monday - walk AM - yoga PM
Tuesday - Aerobics DVD - although we are in Perth so a morning walk might be smarter.
Wednesday - walk AM - yoga PM
Thursday - Aerobics DVD
Friday - walk AM - yoga PM
Saturday - Aerobics DVD
Sunday - walk AM - yoga PM

So this is how it has gone so far:

Monday - yoga (feeling sore and tired)
Tuesday - walk (in Perth)
Wednesday - aerobics.
Thursday - walk & yoga
Friday - aerobics
Saturday - aerobic
Sunday - aerobics

Getting there ....not perhaps what I would have liked but I need to listen to myself and my body....thats the lesson learnt here.

January 27th - More Aerobics

Yesterday was Australia Day and Mike, myself and the kids went to Perth to watch the fireworks. It was brilliant.

In the morning I went for a walk before we left town and that was nice.

Today I have been super careful about food because yesterday I relaxed a little with our picnic and what not. I have had some grapes and sultanas for breakfast, a ham and salad sandwich for lunch and a banana post workout.

I knew I had to do something today that would help work off yesterday so I did aerobics. I did a different routine today and really like fancy foot work just hard cardio work. And I did not feel dizzy afterwards. Thats great - I am keeping an eye on that as I have felt a bit dizzy after some of my aerobics work out.

Dinner is goig to be lasagna and salad tonight - its from the freezer as I made double last in essence a no cooking night for me!

Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25th - Life Goes Back to Normal

School holidays are officially over for Mike and he returned to work today - so the kids and I can return to our routine too!

I was going to start the day with a walk as per my goal for this week. Well I failed dismally - but for a good reason..kind of..After all the aerobics I have been doing my body is sore. I have actually really just felt like shit today - really lethargic and tired - not sick - just off. I did notice that after tea I felt better and then much better again now after finishing yoga and having a shower. I feel alot more clear minded and not so dull headed. Maybe I was lacking something dietary? Who knows.

But this journey is about being kind to myself - not grinding myself to a pulp to put the weight and bad habits back on again. So if there is one day i am off I need to honour that and accept it and realise its one out of many.

I will walk tomorrow - I have aerobics on the list but I am going to Perth so a morning walk will be just the ticket.

I guess we all need to rest sometimes and my body is telling me today is partially the day.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24th - No Walk but...

I did do my aerobics DVD again. This time was a little better as I knew the routines. I still get a bit annoyed and in some parts I jogged on the spot but I have had a massive workout and Im super happy with that. Mike is at the gym again and took the kids to the pool whilst I worked out. Tomorrow is his first weigh and measure so fingers crossed he has some results - he looks great!

Breakfast was 2 eggs on one piece of toast - being carb conscious again today. Lunch was a mixed salad with my protein portion and 20g of grated cheese. I must admit its full fat cheese but I dont eat alot of it and I dont eat alot of dairy or fats so Im hoping that's ok. I actually could not finish my salad today - I was amazed! I got so full.

Afternoon snack was some grapes.

Dinner is going to be Moroccan Mince wraps but instead of bread wraps we are going to try lettuce. Mike is taking his sandwiches to work tomorrow minus bread and using lettuce instead so thats great. I made a fruit salad last night which we will finish with a splash of yoghurt tonight for pudding.

Everything is going really well and I am setting myself a mini goal for this week. ts exercise related and heres the plan:

Monday - walk AM - yoga PM
Tuesday - Aerobics DVD - although we are in Perth so a morning walk might be smarter.
Wednesday - walk AM - yoga PM
Thursday - Aerobics DVD
Friday - walk AM - yoga PM
Saturday - Aerobics DVD
Sunday - walk AM - yoga PM

I will make Monday a walk and then Tuesday is next weigh and measure. So I want to see if a ramp up in exercise is both sustainable and beneficial for me. If it gets damaging I will stop but I would like to see if I can attain this mini goal.

Lets see how I go!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 23rd - Super Low Carb Saturday

Ok so last night Mike and I had a pizza for tea...not home made but from the takeaway here in town. usually a very nice pizza but something about this one just wasnt right. I mean the ingredients were fresh and it was cooked properly but Im going to have to say - I just didnt enjoy it...So of course I feel bloated today and obsessing about falling in a Mike and I both decided no carbs for breakfast and lunch and low carbs at tea time. For breakfast I had yoghurt and a banana, morning tea was a banana and some sultanas, lunch was a mixed salad with ham (I also had some grated cheese) and dinner is going to be a home made thin pan veggie pizza. The kids are going to have ham and cheese and us veggie.

I also made sure that I did some aerobic exercise today which was in this case an Aerobics Oz Style DVD. Old school, lots of grapevines and lycra but it got my heart rate up. I must say Im no longer all that good at aerobics - I find that I can get the routine mixed up and I get annoyed - hence lessening the effect of the routine...if I get lost I just run o the spot...but I managed to stay in touch for all of the warm up and main routine but the extra small routine lost me so I skipped it and did my own ab workout and then used the warm down. I was so sweaty afterward it felt good...I knew I had done something positive for myself today.

Mike is at the gym as we speak so thats wonderful too - he has totally lost CMs - especially off his waist. I am so glad he is along for the ride - his father has terrible heart disease and if anything we need to learn lessons from the previous generation. learn what the hereditary diseases are and work to negate or manage them - like I have high blood pressure - thats on my genes partly.

So I know I can sit back and watch telly tonight safe in the knowledge I have been kinder to my body today than yesterday, and I will continue tomorrow too. Walk in the morning :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

January 22 - Last Day of Mikes Holidays :(

Today I started the day with a really good walk - nice pace, great temp outside and I added some jogging to it too. I went out early as Mike wanted to spend a few hours at the office this morning before taking Jack to speech therapy mid morning.

I had beans on toast for breakfast and half a banana and some sultanas for morning tea.

Lunch was a ham and salad sandwich and some yoghurt.

Dinner was going to be veggie pizzas, an absolutley fav of Mike and mines - so easy, super cheap and really healthy! But Mike had to go to Perth to collect a new telly and bed and after 5 hours in the car he just got home late and we just..well..ate takeaway pizza...blergh. But once in a blue moon wont kill me - but I felt like I had a brick in my stomach after it.:(

I have pulled my bicep muscle in my arm - well not really pulled it so to speak but perhaps more just overstretched it. I need to watch myself when I do yoga because as my confidence grows my stretching increases and sometimes that can hurt! Its not a terrible injury but its been along time since I have had a sports induced injury!

A friend came around for coffee today so that was nice - I enjoyed a decaf no sugar. I even take my decaf to other peoples house!

January 21 - A Day in the City

Today we got up early (and after an eggs on toast brekky) and spent the day in Perth doing shopping and having lunch. It was a lovely day and we got amongst other things a new mattress for Jack and a new plasma telly :) How exciting. The bonus with that is that it comes with a of course I am going to get a Wii Fit!

We had lunch at Sizzlers. I only ordered the salad bar and I drank diet soft drink. I had creamy dressings on the salads (thats how they came) and so I know that isn't ideal but I didn't have any dessert - which was an absolute first for me.

I didnt really have any dinner as I was so full from lunch - I only got two plates and I was full! I had a Vegemite sandwich at about 8pm as I started to feel hungry and that was fine. Of course not a perfect day but pretty reserved all the same.

I didnt do any yoga - by the time we got home and I poured two over tired little children into bed I didnt have the energy to be honest.

But I will walk in the morning.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Light Bulb Moment

You know...I plied my body with so much crap over the last couple of years Im not suprised I have health problems. I carry on about oh I dont drink and I dont smoke but whooppee - eat a tonne of fat and see how healthy you are. I have just been reading about lowering cholesterol and I think about all the shit I have eaten in take away shops and food halls and my own home and I would say that I'm a fairly good candidate for a heart attack - to say the least.

Im so glad I came to all of this I my 30s....I cringe at the way I felt 6 weeks ago to how I feel now...I wish I had done it earlier.

January 20th - Blood Tests Are In

Blergh - the kids slept rotten and got up at 5am...after numerous trips to our bed. I feel tired today but having said that I got up and walked...half because I was jack of being in bed and half because I guilted myself. It was hot this morning but its nowhere near as hot as the last few days have been.

I did yoga again last night and at the moment thats going to be my off walking day activity. I will eventually walk everyday and yoga a few times a week at night. I love the yoga and felt really quite limber for it this morning. Its all making a difference. I saw a friend yesterday for the first time since christmas eve and she said I was looking very well. That makes me feel good.

Beans on toast for breakky this morning - very satisfying. Lunch was a ham and salad sandwich and dinner is going to be steak and salad.

I got my results from the doctors back today from the blood tests I had done Monday.

Overall they came back well. I have not been contacted yet by my doc so I will see if that happens.

Iron levels were good, renal function test showed unlikely to have any signs of kidney disease (checked because I was feeling dizzy and I have diagnosed hypertension), Alb/Creatinine tests normal, mid stream urine test fine, thyroid great and FBC within acceptable ranges.

I have an elevated liver function result - only elevated by 14 points. Im not sure what that means exactly but I have been told some medications can elevate it as well as fatty liver. I fall into so many of the categories of someone who s likely to have fatty liver that I wouldn't be suprised. But as I said before my doc will call me is he is concerned.

The cholesterol side of things were of interest to me. I had blood tests done in July 09 and the results were as follows:

Cholesterol - 4.8
Triglycerides - 4.1
HDL - 1.0
LDL - 1.9
Coronary Risk Ratio - 4.8

Triglycerides are suppose to be below 2.0 and so as you can see these are quite high.

These are the results from Monday:

Cholesterol - 4.5
Triglycerides - 2.3
HDL - 0.9
LDL - 2.5
Coronary Risk Ratio - 5.0

As you can see there has been a raise in the LDL (although still within acceptable parameters) and there has also been a raise in my CRR. I am not sure how that is determined - but it has risen by 0.2 and I wonder if that's because of the increase in my LDL. My HDL has fallen a little too which puts me outside the acceptable parameter, so I need to address that in my diet as the HDL is called the good cholesterol.

But the two most promising things are the drop in my overall cholesterol rating by 0.3 and the almost halving of my triglycerides. This is really positive as I have always had elevated triglycerides. I am now only 0.5 outside the acceptable range.

I can guarantee you these changes have only come about since I have been making positive changes to my lifestyle. I know that from July to December 09 I made no positive impacts on my health as I was eating the wrong food and not exercising. in 5 short weeks I have made such an impact on my overall health that its really inspiring me to strive for better results. If I get called into my GPs office its only for the better - and we can address whats happening. If he doesn't call me then I know my positive actions are making an impact on my health.

Overall I am happy with the results. The dizziness I complained about last docs visit has all but stopped now and so it did seem to be self limiting.

I will have these tests repeated in 3 months - just to see some improvement.

PS I get more nervous looking at the FBC than anything else!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19th - Check In

Ok...I have waited about a fortnight and here are my new figures.

Last Check In - December 29th 09
Bust: 128cm -2cm
Waist: 129cm -3cm
Hips: 133cm -4cm
Upper Arm: 38cm -6cm
Thigh: 72 1/2cm -1/2cm

Check In - January 19th 10
Bust: 123cm -5cm
Waist: 121cm -8cm
Hips: 124cm -9cm
Upper Arm: 35cm -3cm
Thigh: 65cm -7.5cm
(minus figures from the last check in )

Thats a total lost since I started of 48cm off my body. Unbelievable! I am so proud of myself.

I have also lost a total of 2.3 kilos which I am also proud of. I would have liked more but its slow ans steady and its almost 1/2 a kilo a week - not forgetting a weeks holiday, Christmas and New I am happy. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18th - Soo Hot

Well I was quite organised this morning and set my alarm to go for a walk before it got too hot. I was up and out the door by 630am and let me tell you I could not have left it another minute - it was already hot then! About 30 degrees I think the news said.

I had some blood tests this morning - my GP ordered them on my last visit and I think they are more of a benchmark than anything. I did mention to him about still feeling dizzy and he just wanted to check my kidney function. I had to supply a urine and blood tests. I must admit I have noticed a lessening of the dizziness and so I am hoping it will be self limiting and resolve soon. I will hear from the doc if there is anything wrong. Otherwise I am going to get a copy of them so I can compare them to some I had done in July 09 - see if there is any improvement in the cholesterol etc.

I came home and had fruit salad and yoghurt for breakfast - I had to fast before the bloods.

I then had a ham and salad sandwich for lunch and for dinner we had roast chicken and salad. nothing beats a roast chook! Oh and I had pne leb wrap with it and a smidge of mayo.

I am also keeping up n the water and rarely drink anything else! I pee alot LOL.

We went to the pool for a swim today and I actually feel alot more confy in my swimmers.

Mike also started at the gym today and so thats going to be fabbo for him. there are squash courts there so hopefully we will get a game in.

Feeling good :)

January 17th - Yoga

Today was very very hot and I was offered the chance to sleep in under the doona in the air con - so I took it! I had walked the day before so I wasnt being too naughty! Sleep is important for your health too!

I started the day with eggs on toast and lunch was a ham and salad roll. Dinner was a really nice hamburger. I almost gave the carbs up in the meal but I am glad I didn't. instead of hot chips I had a salad and that was really nice too. I was full.

I have noticed that I dont feel hungry anymore....not like when I first started anyway - that was depressing!

I did some yoga last night. I love yoga - I actually feel I benefit more from the meditative side of it - although the stretches made me sweat a bit! I bought a proper mat and now my feet dont slip so my stances are truly solid. I feel myself being able to achieve the positions better - there are still some poses I cant do - like triangle pose. My hamstrings and back are still too tight - but thats fine - things will loosen up. And I feel really relaxed and in control when I am done. Really listening to my breathing is so important.

Walk in the morning - I am setting my alarm for early as we are in the middle of a heat wave.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16th - Catch Up

Wow what a busy couple of days...been down to Perth, had people for dinner and then the cricket club for a BBQ and have looked after a friends daughter whilst her son was in hospital with a broken arm. Busy busy busy!

I went for a walk today - first time in 2 days. t was nice to get out before the heat came in.

I had eggs on toast for breakfast today and the a cheese and salad sandwich at lunch time. Snacks were a peach and a box of sultanas and two plain biscuits. Dinner is going to be Moroccan Chicken Salad again. I love that!

I know these entries are pretty boring but they make me accountable for my day. Its also acts as a diary so i can see whats been happening. Useful :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12th - Check Up #2

I started today with a walk route is a bit of up and down - with the end of it quite a hill up to my street. I ran half of it this morning...well not exactly ran - jogged. But it felt great. Before I had Lainey I ran 12kms a day - 6 in the morning and 6 at night. I love nothing more than a run on a cold winters hopefully by then I might be nearer to that level.

I had the usual food today - beans on toast for breakfast, ham and salad for lunch and fruit in between. Dinner was really yummo..I made Moroccan Mince and we had it with salad in lavish bread. I had one piece of lavish and I was full! It was very tasty and very filling. The kids had meatballs and fruit and cheese on their plates. I cooked the meatballs in the oven - which is new for me. I have now made the kids meatballs and nuggets in the oven and noone has even blinked!

I went to the doctor today for my second checkup in relation to my blood pressure. My reading was 129/79. The doctor was very happy. I also had a much lower heart rate as I wasn't so nervous this time haha. I told him about still feeling dizzy once I get up and he has ordered blood tests but is confident nothing is wrong - I think he wants a benchmark and he feels the dizziness will resolve itself. I have only been on the medication about 3 or 4 weeks so my body is still adjusting. As long as the bloods come back ok I dont need to see the doc for this issue for 6 months. Thats great! I will get a copy of the blood results anyway to see if my levels of my Triglycerides has lowered. It will be a good comparison. Although Im not expecting much change at this point.

So Im super happy with my BP and if I loose some weight my GP is happy to trial coming off the meds - maybe reducing the amount needed or even changing it. Whatever happens I feel the best I have done in at least 6 months.

Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11th - Cleaning Day

Today was house cleaning day so I spent the morning cleaning etc. I didn't go for a walk as I was supposed to be going to the pool with my friend but my cat got sick in the morning and the vet could see us then. So I canned the swim. I will be up and off for a walk in the morning for sure.

Breakfast was beans on toast this morning - I love that - I find it very filling.
Lunch was a ham and salad sandwich and dinner was a BBQ - one piece of steak and salad and one piece of bread.

Snacks included some beautiful peaches off my neighbours tree and a banana.

January 10th - Walkies

I started today with a walk....and boy was it hard. I really had t motivate myself to get out of bed. Thank goodness I have a great guilt complex! Then going around was brutal...see what happens when you haven't done it in over a week! Anyway i did it and I did feel good....I must say though I was very tired all day - I think I was still recovering from our trip away.

Breakfast was eggs on toast, lunch was ham and salad roll and dinner was spag bog and salad. Snacks included fruit and yogurt with a Bulla ice cream after tea.

I drank plenty of water - I found myself dehydrated whilst we were away and especially when we got home. its amazing how much of a difference water makes to you.

I have also been sleeping really well since taking the blood pressures meds. I actually feel like I have slept if you know what I mean.

Anyway - back on the horse for sure and the work was good to get back into.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9th - Back on the Horse

Ok - so I lost track of how many days I have been on this new regime so I decided to name my posts by the date - original hey!

Today I got right back on the horsey. I started the day shopping for groceries as the cupboard was bare. I have stuck mainly to fresh produce and there is nothing in my trolley I am ashamed of! I have purchased the highest quality meat I can afford and a wide variety of fruit and veg and multigrain breads. I have also invested in a good quality juice for the kids to have with meals. I so want them to have a good quality standard of eating.

Breakfast for me was eggs on toast - poached and only one piece of toast. The eggs are free range and a bit small so they both fitted nicely on one piece. I could have had two but chose one.

I had a ham and salad wholemeal roll for lunch with a glass of water. I also had a small bunch of the most delicious globe grapes..mmmmm...

Dinner was really nice. I bought some chicken breast and marinaded them with Moroccan spices...Mike BBQed them and we had them chopped up into strips in a salad. Very very nice. We tried a new 99% fat free dressing and that was nice too. The kids had some home made chicken nuggets which I baked in the oven and then they had cheese and fruit on their plates - watermelon, apple, pear, grapes and banana. I always remember the health nurse saying that if a child eats fruit or veg they are getting what they need - so i am happy for the kids to start with a fruit plate.

For pudding we all had a Bulla icecream - that was a suggested selection from the portion Perfection book.

I didnt do any specific exercise today but tomorrow morning I am back into the walks and Monday afternoon I am walking at the pool again. I will be able to get two solid weeks of that in before Mike goes back to work.

Its amazing how crppy i felt by the end of the week eating some crap and not really doing any proper exercise. I must say though I feel fitter still but even having one HJs burger rendered my tummy upset.

I definitely prefer this lifestyle.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Home from Holidays

I have two words for you...

Holiday Eating...

Im not overly proud of it but I was on holiday and I enjoyed myself.

Back to it tomorrow.

My copy of Portion Perfection arrived whilst I was away so I am going to revisit it tomorrow and make up my shopping list.

Im energised and looking forward to a great year!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone and I hope 2010 is going to be a cracking year for all of us.
I dont set resolutions but this year am determined to live healthier and happier than ever before.

The last couple of days has seen a slow down in the exercise regime. I went to Perth with the family on NYE and then spent yesterday (NY day) at Adventure World. I did get some exercise - climbing the stairs to the water slides carrying mats or tubes! We also walked around the park and of course did some swimming. I had a chicken roll for lunch and heaps of fruit.

Can I also say that I felt so happy and healthy and comfortable in my bathers yesterday. Most times I cover up and wear shorts and tee shirts. But yesterday I was happy confident and comfortable. Its amazing what 15cm will do!

NYE was a slight indulgence with more protein than I probably needed. I had some steak and some prawns but it was very nice. I made sure I kept up the water, salads and was selective with the carbs.

I have been eating a proper breakfast no matter what I have been doing.

I am heading off camping for a week tomorrow so I wont be able to post. But I will be making conscious decisions about the types of food I eat. We will also be walking and swimming alot - and generally having lots of fun...thats always good for the soul and overall health.

When we get home I have 2 weeks before Mike starts work and we wont be going away again so I can really cement routines and meals.

I feel great! And I hope you do too :)