Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some Good News

Ok I felt really shitty - its so hot and I'm hungry and the kids are ratty. So I decided to take my measurements...and I am very very suprised.

These were my measurements 2 weeks ago:

Bust: 130cm
Waist: 132cm
Hips: 137cm
Upper Arm: 44cm
Thigh: 73cm

Resting Heart Rate:72 BPM

These are measurements now:

Bust: 128cm -2cm
Waist: 129cm -3cm
Hips: 133cm -4cm
Upper Arm: 38cm -6cm
Thigh: 72 1/2cm -1/2cm

Thats a grand total of 15cm

Resting Heart Rate: 72 BPM - thats up two beats a minute but Im sont think thats anything to worry about.

Oh my god how cool is that!

Just had to share :)


  1. that is seriously WAY COOL! Brilliant stuff, i am so very happy that things are moving in the right direction, keep it up Gilly!

  2. It feels so good doesn't it Gilly. You are doing so well. You're my inspiration. :)

  3. Thanks mandy thats really sweet of you to say - its you guys that keep me going.