Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Good News

I went back to the doctor today to have my blood pressure checked again and it was a success! 118/87. Can you believe it. I know Im on medication but I was sure I was going to walk in there and it be still too high.

The benefits of it being low are that:
1. I dont have to take any more medication; and
2. My hard work is paying off.

My doctor said that he felt diet and exercise were just as important as medication - so I am making alot of positive moves in my life.

Its nice to have the confirmation that all is going well. I did have a heart rate of 96bpm but he didnt seem worried about that after I told him my resting rate yesterday was 79bpm. I think it was anxiety!

So back in a fortnight to have it checked again.


  1. that is excellent news Gilly, well done for your hard work.

  2. You go girl. Fantastic news.

  3. Oops just realised I replied to an old post (Day 14), silly me :)

    Congratulations on your efforts so far! I think it's a great achievement all these changes you've made - can you imagine how you will feel in another month?

  4. Thanks ladies - I am very proud of myself :)

  5. Good on you Gilly, now you have real incentive to keep going.
    Happy new year to you!