Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goals - Weight Loss

Ok here are my goals.

Main Goal:

Lose 40 kilos in 52 weeks.

Achieve a BMI of 30 (or lower)

Reduce clothing size to a size 16-18 (or lower)

Reduce my waist to 100cms or lower (80cm is desired)

To reduce my blood pressure to a normal range of approximately 120/80. This may need to be checked routinely by GP.

Halfway Goal

To have lost 20 kilos by my birthday - June 3rd.

10% Weight Loss Goal


Once mini goal is met then reset to another mini goal.

Upon reaching mini goal - a full body massage at local massage centre.

Upon reaching my half goal - two new patterns and fabric to make a new outfit.

Upon reaching full goal - a new wardrobe - either made or bought.

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