Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 7/8

I have been in Perth Monday and Tuesday so I wasn't able to write. I had two pretty good days. I was very proud of myself on Monday and Monday night for being restrained. We did some christmas shopping and usually I would have something high fat/carb in the food hall for lunch but I had some sushi which I really like. I was very hungry for it and started to feel sick by the time I ate. i had been for a walk before we went down to Perth and didn't have a morning snack so I guess those factors worked against me.

Dinner was a BBQ and I took my share of potatoes out before the garlic butter was applied. I also had extra salad. We had some watermelon after dinner which was nice.

Tuesday was a good day. I actually felt really well yesterday which was nice. I ate beans on toast for breakfast, a ham and salad sandwich for lunch and for tea I had 2 BBQed rissoles, pasta and salad. Foe an evening snack I had some yummy oat and fruit yogurt. It was nice.

I weighed myself yesterday and I have lost 1.1 kgs. I bought new scales so they vary from the ones I lady took my weight from at my in laws. When I was there on Monday I took the opportunity to weigh myself and had lost 1.1kgs! I'm very happy. But I have decided to not weigh or measure myself for a month. Its not about what the scales say and in fact the measurements will be more telling. Also because I am approaching this all different I am focusing on being well, not thin. Having said that though I wanted to weigh myself just for some inspiration! Not again for three weeks.

I walked Monday morning and I went water walking on Tuesday afternoon. It was lovely and I am going to try and do it Mondays Tuesdays and Thursdays with my friend whilst Mike is on holidays. A bit of an extra boost. Then I will go in the mornings and do it when Mike goes back to work.

I feel like my hungry is settling down a bit and I am definitely falling into a healthier pattern.

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  1. Well done Gilly, you're doing so well! I have to try to stop jumping on the scales so often, the monthly weigh in is a great idea.