Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 4

Today started with a walk. I wasn't much interested when the alarm went off because Lainey decided to have a restless night and end up in our bed. But I got up and out the door and I enjoyed it. I pushed myself a little further this morning.

I have found I'm a bit of a lone wolf when if comes to exercise. I like to get in the zone and whilst walking with someone I feel the need to chat etc. That's fine but I dont feel I get to the point I need to and I hate coming back through the door unsatisfied. If I'm getting my large butt out of bed for some exercise - I want sweat by the end - not the local gossip!

I am going to walk again tomorrow morning so I can have Sunday morning off. I am also going to start swimming in the morning too - so I will work up to maybe do:

Mon: walk
Tues: swim
Wed: walk
Thurs: swim
Fri: Walk
Sat: Walk
Sun: off

I also need to do yoga in there too. I might do that of an evening (maybe 2 0r 3 times a week) after the kids have gone to bed maybe....relax at the end of a day.

Breakfast was a cup of corn flakes and 200ml of skim milk and the left overs from a can of tinned peaches. There was not alot but probably a smidge more than I should have had...on the plus side I drained the juice.

No coffee this morning and only water so far.

For lunch today I had 1/2 a small tin of flavoured tuna mixed with 3/4 cup of pasta shapes (left over from the salad I made for Mike to take to work), a mixed salad and a small orange juice. I know I had about 100ml too much orange juice but I didn't want to waste any from the small container I had. Its not like it was 100g of chocolate! Oh and I also had a small banana for morning tea.

I need to drink some more water - I have been out and about all morning so I haven't had the chance to drink as much as I would.

Lunch was yummy and seemed alot - but certainly not going over the top by any means. I feel hungry but not starving.

I went to the doctor this afternoon about my blood pressure and the long and the short of it is is that I am now on medication - Karvea 150mg once a day. I have to go back in a fortnight and have my pressure tested again to see if the medication is making a difference. You know what - I am actually happy about it all. I know I am making changes in my life but I also know I have shocking genes for hypertension and I know that lifestyle choices are making it worse. So Im ok about all of this....

Dinner was leftovers - 1/2 a piece of small steak and a cold sausage with 3/4 cup pasta and some salad. It was nice. I fell into the trap of having a mouth full of the kids food - I guess habit set in there - so I know where my weaknesses are.

Mike came home with a wheelbarrow load of lollies and biscuits and chocolates. End of the year is always deadly fr this kind of thing. I have had three shortbread biscuits. So naughty but very nice...compared to what I could normally pack away Ive been an angel! But thats it - no more....the one thing I will allow myself is some christmas cake my friend made for us. I love christmas cake. And my friend made it....

I need to stop finding excuses. I know my down falls. I need to try harder.

Overall thought today has been a positive day - a walk, and seeing th doc re BP are both good things. I am aware of my food choices and know what i should and shouldnt have.

Onwards and upwards


  1. A good way to keep up your water is to take a bottle everywhere with you. If you like it cold, use an insulated bottle holder (like Tracy's tute ;)). I take mine everywhere with me - and that means everywhere, movies, shopping, school run, etc. It helps me get at least 2L of water a day. But if you aren't used to it, it will take some concious effort to drink more water - but it is an easy habit to change.
    Keep up the great work Gilly :)

  2. Thanks Liz - I might just make myself a bottle holder from Tracys tute and do carry it about :)

  3. well done. did he actually have a wheel barrow? LOL