Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 2

Ok 2 was the first real day of everything! I wasnt able to blog as hubby decided to take the laptop to rude!

I got up and went for a walk. About 30 minutes at a good pace - I made sure I had good tunes on my iPod. I did have to be a little careful not to overdo it !

For breakfast I had 2 poached eggs on multigrain toast and a coffee - no sugar and skim milk...I cant tell you how many changes that meal alone included.

I then had 1/2 a banana for morning tea - they are really big bananas. I have also been drinking lots of water too.

For lunch I had one round of ham and salad on multigrain - again so many changes. I forgot how much I liked a salad sandwich.

About 3pm I started to feel hungry - but I had the other half of my banana and whilst it didnt cure everything - I felt ok.

For tea we had chicken casserole so I doled out the right amount of rice and chicken. I didnt have a salad with it and I realy think that was a mistake. For dinner on day 1 I had spag bog and a salad and felt full. At least the salad adds roughage.

For pudding I had a Bulla icecream, which is allowed. I have had that two nights running now and they are really nice.

I have found the following things:

1. I get hungry mid afternoon.
2. Not eating the childrens left overs makes such a difference.
3. We have so much leftover after I cook so I will need to reteach myself how much to cook.

Mike is involving himself too and has had to overcome the whole not eating breakfast thing. He is doing great too.

I did go to bed with a headache at the end of Day 2 so maybe thats my body reacting to something. Maybe the exercise!

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  1. I'm a shocker for eating the kids left overs too. I'm going to start putting their left overs in sandwich containers and then re-offering it to them for snacks in the afternoon... I have a sneaky suspicion they might be filling up on rice crackers rather than their healthier options!