Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 6

I was going to walk this morning but I have a sore ankle and a pulled muscle in my leg so I am going to leave it for tomorrow. I need to be super calorie aware today because I am not exercising.

For breakfast I had my absolute favourite - eggs on toast...and washed it down with some water.

Morning tea was a banana and that was nice.

Lunch was a ham and salad sandwich - its amazing how much salad you can pack in a sandwich!!! I dont find lunch enough and find I am hungry again by 1pm. Maybe I need to assess y calorie intake at lunch time. I find that its setting me up for a bad afternoon if Im hungry so soon after lunch. I dont find the gap between breakfast and lunch so bad, but the afternoon i do.

I also found that I woke up hungry this morning. Something I haven't done for a long time.

Keeping up the water too - its very hot here so making sure I consume enough.

We are going to Perth tomorrow to finish Christmas shopping so I am going to get up early and go for a walk first. It will be a nice way to start the day. I am also going to buy some scales tomorrow - so i can weigh myself at home :)

Afternoon tea was an apple and then dinner was left over cold meats, salad and dry pasta. I was starving by tea time.

I feel a little thick headed to night and I dont know whether its just the diet or my blood pressure going up again. I would have thought on the medicine it shouldn't go up that badly again. Im just going to take it easy and head to bed soon. Oh I had a cup of tea...maybe thats put me off a bit. I had a friend come around and I wanted to be socialble so instead of coffee I had tea. I didnt really enjoy it so maybe thats thrown me off.

Off to relax in front of the telly.


  1. You're doing great Gilly, keep it up! Try adding some more protein in at lunch time if you're still hungry in the avo - don't be afraid to eat more fruit and veggies, nobody ever got fat from eating too much fruit & veg and there's no sense in being hungry and miserable and thinking about food all the time - the key is to be happy so you keep it up :) after all, it is a lifestyle change, not a temporary diet, right?

    Keep it up hun! You'll feel great in no time!