Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 5

I made myself go for a walk this morning. I must say whilst I still worked hard it certainly wasn't the techno beat driven walk I have been doing during the week. More of a Springsteen morning! I did 30 minutes and I felt done by the end of it.

Breakfast this morning was from the list of "occasional" meals and that was three crumpet fingers and butter. They were nice and I washed it down with water.

Morning tea was a small banana.

I have also made sure that I keep up the water. I dont have a problem really drinking water and I actually quite like it. I still haven't had a coffee nor a soft drink.

I worked out the calorie content of some chocolates and managed to have a couple within my boundaries. It was hard to stop! Old habits came on strong but I was ok.

Dinner was a bbq and I had a small piece of steak and one sausage with 3/4 cup pasta and salad. It was nice. Its actually nicer when you stop and eat your meal properly! I made chicken wings but everyone else had them and we have enough meat over to have a cold meal tomorrow night - nothing better than that!

Todays challenges came from lounging about - all I wanted to do was snack. We had a bit of a rest day and that usually would have gone with some crisps and soft drinks. So I was happy I didnt do that.

I am also thinking about walking again tomorrow and that will only be good for me. I have a water walking date with a friend of mine on Tuesday so that will be nice too.

I actually think I feel better for being on my blood pressure meds. I dont feel so foggy in the head. I wonder if its the tablets or the diet.

Another day down and more lessons learnt. I now I simply cant have chocolate in the house. Thats todays major lesson.


  1. I am the same with having calorie packed snacks in the house. Just can't have them here or I will eat them. Sad but true. WTG Gilly, stay strong :-)

  2. Hey Gill, sounds like you are doing really well I'm enjoying reading your blogs very inspirational :)