Sunday, January 31, 2010

Exercise Review

Ok heres where we are at as of Sunday afternoon. I only have one more day before a weigh in and I am going to a circuit class and will do yoga PM.

So this is how it has gone so far:

Monday - yoga (felt sore and tired)
Tuesday - walk (in Perth)
Wednesday - aerobics
Thursday - walk & yoga
Friday - aerobics
Saturday - aerobic
Sunday - aerobics
Monday - circuit class and yoga.

My mini goal with exercise in December was

Mini Goal

To exercise for 30 minutes a day at a rate which will burn fat 4 times a week.

These exercises can include walking, swimming and aerobics.

I think I can safely say I have attained that goal! Yah for me :)

Im very proud of myself considering 6 weeks ago (yes as little as 6 weeks ago) I was sedentary basically. I did nothing. And now I dont feel right unless I do something. I know yoga doesn't burn many calories but it does burn a small amount - but even without that i still have reached my mini goal....In actual fact last weeks data means I reach my half way goal - but I will wait to call that one until its sustained.

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