Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18th - Soo Hot

Well I was quite organised this morning and set my alarm to go for a walk before it got too hot. I was up and out the door by 630am and let me tell you I could not have left it another minute - it was already hot then! About 30 degrees I think the news said.

I had some blood tests this morning - my GP ordered them on my last visit and I think they are more of a benchmark than anything. I did mention to him about still feeling dizzy and he just wanted to check my kidney function. I had to supply a urine and blood tests. I must admit I have noticed a lessening of the dizziness and so I am hoping it will be self limiting and resolve soon. I will hear from the doc if there is anything wrong. Otherwise I am going to get a copy of them so I can compare them to some I had done in July 09 - see if there is any improvement in the cholesterol etc.

I came home and had fruit salad and yoghurt for breakfast - I had to fast before the bloods.

I then had a ham and salad sandwich for lunch and for dinner we had roast chicken and salad. nothing beats a roast chook! Oh and I had pne leb wrap with it and a smidge of mayo.

I am also keeping up n the water and rarely drink anything else! I pee alot LOL.

We went to the pool for a swim today and I actually feel alot more confy in my swimmers.

Mike also started at the gym today and so thats going to be fabbo for him. there are squash courts there so hopefully we will get a game in.

Feeling good :)

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