Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16th - Catch Up

Wow what a busy couple of days...been down to Perth, had people for dinner and then the cricket club for a BBQ and have looked after a friends daughter whilst her son was in hospital with a broken arm. Busy busy busy!

I went for a walk today - first time in 2 days. t was nice to get out before the heat came in.

I had eggs on toast for breakfast today and the a cheese and salad sandwich at lunch time. Snacks were a peach and a box of sultanas and two plain biscuits. Dinner is going to be Moroccan Chicken Salad again. I love that!

I know these entries are pretty boring but they make me accountable for my day. Its also acts as a diary so i can see whats been happening. Useful :)


  1. Hey, I'm with you, girlfriend. My hubby is sick of talking about my current health kick (not really, he is very supportive actually) Write away. For your sake and for us who are supporting your journey.

  2. I find it very inspirational.... I think about going for a walk almost every day. You must keep writing so that I actually go one day!!!