Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24th - No Walk but...

I did do my aerobics DVD again. This time was a little better as I knew the routines. I still get a bit annoyed and in some parts I jogged on the spot but I have had a massive workout and Im super happy with that. Mike is at the gym again and took the kids to the pool whilst I worked out. Tomorrow is his first weigh and measure so fingers crossed he has some results - he looks great!

Breakfast was 2 eggs on one piece of toast - being carb conscious again today. Lunch was a mixed salad with my protein portion and 20g of grated cheese. I must admit its full fat cheese but I dont eat alot of it and I dont eat alot of dairy or fats so Im hoping that's ok. I actually could not finish my salad today - I was amazed! I got so full.

Afternoon snack was some grapes.

Dinner is going to be Moroccan Mince wraps but instead of bread wraps we are going to try lettuce. Mike is taking his sandwiches to work tomorrow minus bread and using lettuce instead so thats great. I made a fruit salad last night which we will finish with a splash of yoghurt tonight for pudding.

Everything is going really well and I am setting myself a mini goal for this week. ts exercise related and heres the plan:

Monday - walk AM - yoga PM
Tuesday - Aerobics DVD - although we are in Perth so a morning walk might be smarter.
Wednesday - walk AM - yoga PM
Thursday - Aerobics DVD
Friday - walk AM - yoga PM
Saturday - Aerobics DVD
Sunday - walk AM - yoga PM

I will make Monday a walk and then Tuesday is next weigh and measure. So I want to see if a ramp up in exercise is both sustainable and beneficial for me. If it gets damaging I will stop but I would like to see if I can attain this mini goal.

Lets see how I go!

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  1. You can do it!
    You are doing so well.

    I am so inspired. I'm going to set myself the goal of going for a half hour walk every day this week!!!