Friday, January 22, 2010

January 21 - A Day in the City

Today we got up early (and after an eggs on toast brekky) and spent the day in Perth doing shopping and having lunch. It was a lovely day and we got amongst other things a new mattress for Jack and a new plasma telly :) How exciting. The bonus with that is that it comes with a of course I am going to get a Wii Fit!

We had lunch at Sizzlers. I only ordered the salad bar and I drank diet soft drink. I had creamy dressings on the salads (thats how they came) and so I know that isn't ideal but I didn't have any dessert - which was an absolute first for me.

I didnt really have any dinner as I was so full from lunch - I only got two plates and I was full! I had a Vegemite sandwich at about 8pm as I started to feel hungry and that was fine. Of course not a perfect day but pretty reserved all the same.

I didnt do any yoga - by the time we got home and I poured two over tired little children into bed I didnt have the energy to be honest.

But I will walk in the morning.

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