Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28th - Yoga and a Walk!

Well today I managed to do a walk and some yoga. You know - with the yoga I am finding that I am become more able to fully complete some of the more difficult poses, ones like triangle pose and I am also now able to return to standing from being bent over with straight legs - both wide and together. I am starting to feel the full stretches in areas like my groin when I correctly open my legs wider and along down my arms into my ribs when stretching out. Its amazing and Im enjoying the more ways than one LOL ;)

I do feel however I am starting to slip a little in my eating...nothing drastic but and extra piece of something here or maybe not properly weighing something. I need to reign that in. If I am doing all of this exercise I need to take that and keep those calories off - not see that as an excuse to eat more because I exercised. Nothing really bad has happened - just seeing the signs.

I also need to address stress management. Today the kids were particularly difficult and I need to learn to take a deep breath and to relax and to not take everything so personal. I feel it will create a better relationship with the kids and within myself. I just need to breathe....

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  1. I know how the eating thing can creep up on you, a little "taste" here and there!
    It's great you're keeping up the exercise.