Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9th - Back on the Horse

Ok - so I lost track of how many days I have been on this new regime so I decided to name my posts by the date - original hey!

Today I got right back on the horsey. I started the day shopping for groceries as the cupboard was bare. I have stuck mainly to fresh produce and there is nothing in my trolley I am ashamed of! I have purchased the highest quality meat I can afford and a wide variety of fruit and veg and multigrain breads. I have also invested in a good quality juice for the kids to have with meals. I so want them to have a good quality standard of eating.

Breakfast for me was eggs on toast - poached and only one piece of toast. The eggs are free range and a bit small so they both fitted nicely on one piece. I could have had two but chose one.

I had a ham and salad wholemeal roll for lunch with a glass of water. I also had a small bunch of the most delicious globe grapes..mmmmm...

Dinner was really nice. I bought some chicken breast and marinaded them with Moroccan spices...Mike BBQed them and we had them chopped up into strips in a salad. Very very nice. We tried a new 99% fat free dressing and that was nice too. The kids had some home made chicken nuggets which I baked in the oven and then they had cheese and fruit on their plates - watermelon, apple, pear, grapes and banana. I always remember the health nurse saying that if a child eats fruit or veg they are getting what they need - so i am happy for the kids to start with a fruit plate.

For pudding we all had a Bulla icecream - that was a suggested selection from the portion Perfection book.

I didnt do any specific exercise today but tomorrow morning I am back into the walks and Monday afternoon I am walking at the pool again. I will be able to get two solid weeks of that in before Mike goes back to work.

Its amazing how crppy i felt by the end of the week eating some crap and not really doing any proper exercise. I must say though I feel fitter still but even having one HJs burger rendered my tummy upset.

I definitely prefer this lifestyle.


  1. Wtg Gilly. I have been feeling healthier this past week for eating better too. I have to get motivated on the exercsie again though. Haven't been doing it quite as often as I could or should.

  2. A health shopping cart is a great start to the week. That Chicken salad sounds yummy too, it is great that Mike is supporting you and I am sure the kids won't notice the difference except that their mummy has lots more energy!