Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 23rd - Super Low Carb Saturday

Ok so last night Mike and I had a pizza for tea...not home made but from the takeaway here in town. usually a very nice pizza but something about this one just wasnt right. I mean the ingredients were fresh and it was cooked properly but Im going to have to say - I just didnt enjoy it...So of course I feel bloated today and obsessing about falling in a Mike and I both decided no carbs for breakfast and lunch and low carbs at tea time. For breakfast I had yoghurt and a banana, morning tea was a banana and some sultanas, lunch was a mixed salad with ham (I also had some grated cheese) and dinner is going to be a home made thin pan veggie pizza. The kids are going to have ham and cheese and us veggie.

I also made sure that I did some aerobic exercise today which was in this case an Aerobics Oz Style DVD. Old school, lots of grapevines and lycra but it got my heart rate up. I must say Im no longer all that good at aerobics - I find that I can get the routine mixed up and I get annoyed - hence lessening the effect of the routine...if I get lost I just run o the spot...but I managed to stay in touch for all of the warm up and main routine but the extra small routine lost me so I skipped it and did my own ab workout and then used the warm down. I was so sweaty afterward it felt good...I knew I had done something positive for myself today.

Mike is at the gym as we speak so thats wonderful too - he has totally lost CMs - especially off his waist. I am so glad he is along for the ride - his father has terrible heart disease and if anything we need to learn lessons from the previous generation. learn what the hereditary diseases are and work to negate or manage them - like I have high blood pressure - thats on my genes partly.

So I know I can sit back and watch telly tonight safe in the knowledge I have been kinder to my body today than yesterday, and I will continue tomorrow too. Walk in the morning :)

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