Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31st - Another Weekend Gone

Well we are in the bottom dig of this weekend and its been flat out. Jack starts full time school tomorrow and so we have been working this weekend at Mike playing with the kids alot and me getting everything ready! Jack was a little off this weekend too and we had to cancel dinner plans so that was a bummer.

I have been a maniac working out - I get a bit like that just before weigh in time. I have done aerobics three days in a row now (Fri, Sat, Sun ) and my body can feel it! I have been quite careful with what I have eaten - although last night we had BLTs after canceling our dinner invite. But having said that they were very stripped back - no fat bacon cooked on the BBQ and with multigrain breads and salad. Not perfect but I would normally have reached for a take away.

I will be interested to see how the weight loss goes. I have stepped on the scales a few times and I know Im going in the right direction.

This week also sees me start a circuit class on Mondays and returning to Badminton on Tuesdays as well as a water aerobics class on Thursdays. That will change things up nicely between my aerobics and walking. I also need to get in a yoga workout - probably tomorrow night.

A busy week ahead for sure!

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