Friday, January 22, 2010

January 22 - Last Day of Mikes Holidays :(

Today I started the day with a really good walk - nice pace, great temp outside and I added some jogging to it too. I went out early as Mike wanted to spend a few hours at the office this morning before taking Jack to speech therapy mid morning.

I had beans on toast for breakfast and half a banana and some sultanas for morning tea.

Lunch was a ham and salad sandwich and some yoghurt.

Dinner was going to be veggie pizzas, an absolutley fav of Mike and mines - so easy, super cheap and really healthy! But Mike had to go to Perth to collect a new telly and bed and after 5 hours in the car he just got home late and we just..well..ate takeaway pizza...blergh. But once in a blue moon wont kill me - but I felt like I had a brick in my stomach after it.:(

I have pulled my bicep muscle in my arm - well not really pulled it so to speak but perhaps more just overstretched it. I need to watch myself when I do yoga because as my confidence grows my stretching increases and sometimes that can hurt! Its not a terrible injury but its been along time since I have had a sports induced injury!

A friend came around for coffee today so that was nice - I enjoyed a decaf no sugar. I even take my decaf to other peoples house!

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