Monday, February 1, 2010

1st February - Circuit Class...Oh My Gosh...

Today Jack started full time school and I started a new circuit class. Jack had a great day - I had a hard class.

Before that though I walked Jack to school - a nice amble down to school and then I drove my car home (Mike drove it and went in early).

Oh my...I was not prepared for that. The stations had four exercises (there were 4 ) and after each station you had to run for two minutes. Each station had a cardio, core, muscle strengthening and something else (Im blanking it out LOL) and they were great. But I went a little hard on the running thing and you know when your chest burns and then you get that cough...yes that happened to me!

Im a little sore but very enthusiastic. I really like the difference and you know what - I know I said Im a lone wolf when it comes to exercise but I really enjoyed having people around for a change. So a nice change all around. And Lainey was so well behaved...its a class designed for mums with small kids and so there were other kids there for her to play with.

I also managed to squeeze in some yoga tonight - just to stretch out those aching muscles!

Weigh in day tomorrow!

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  1. Great workout there Gilly and big hugs to Lainey for letting mummy move her body!