Tuesday, February 9, 2010

9th January - Busy Busy Busy

Phew - stop this train and let me off!

Things have been super hectic around here as we settle into out routines.

I had circuit traing yesterday and was super happy with the effort I put in. I wuld have to say thats its about the best workout I actually get all week. I managed to run and keep up with the cardio this week without busting a lung which was great and I actually sprinted...can you believe it! Note to self - get a better sports bra LOL.

I hurt a groin muscle on the last sprint so I iced it for the rest of the day and I pulled up great this morning.

Today was badminton and whilst its not the most strenuous of workouts its certainly a good morning and I have alot of friends there too. This afternoon was Laineys first swimming lesson so it was nice to get into the pool.

Tomorrow is aerobics and then maybe some yoga in the evening.

I have been eating really well too and really find the reintroduction of carbs has been a good move. I am less hungry and feel better for it.

I have been trying really hard to watch my food as I am watching the scales fall. I keep egging myself on and people are starting to notice too. On another note all my jocks are too big for me LOL as are pretty much all my clothes.

On a downer note I havent spoken to my family for about 8 weeks now and I havent seen them since August 09. My mother always always rode me about loosing weight and I wonder what she would say now that I have lost some and are looking so well. Not that I have done this for her - believe me shes the last person I would do it for - but I would love to go "see told you I could". Ok enough spite - its unhealthy.

Onwards and upwards.

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