Sunday, February 14, 2010

14th February - Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to those of you so not so much so - bit commercial in my opinion LOL.

I went and spent Saturday overnight with my inlaws as Mike had cricket in a town far far away so it was a nice opportunity to spend some time with family and not sitting here in the hot all day! Having said that I did not exercise and I ate too much! So today I have been super careful what I have eaten and I have just completed my exercise aerobics video - and I found it a little hard LOL

I have managed to miss 3 days this week so far and that doesnt thrill me. But I guess yesterday couldn't be helped - although I completely forgot that they have a tread mill in the time I will use that.

I have also this weekend tried that rye/pumpernickel bread that you get and I am going to have to say that I didnt like it. I am pretty open to new and healthy foods but I cant seem to get my head around the taste of this one. I didnt like it at all. But thats ok - I have tried it!

So tomorrow is circuit and thats always a monster workout - I love it to bits. Then weigh in day. Fingers crossed I do good :)

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