Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Ok - heres the thing...Im slipping.

Today I have not done any exercises and that's fine - I was allowing myself to have the day off. Im sore and tired and I need to have a rest day every now and again.

But its the food thing.....Im slipping ....see now Im not eating snacks - so I get hungry and lightheaded and that doesn't help. I just made Mike and Jacks lunches for tomorrow and basically had a second lunch myself. What the fuck is that all about. Maybe Im not eating enough carbs or enough protein to accommodate for no carbs to get me through the afternoon. Its like the retraining with the exercise thing...I would reduce my food intake to bare minimum...literally the smallest amount I could eat...and then exercise my guts out. I feel I am reducing that intake now again sub consciously.

And the there is my period...FROM HELL... I came off the pill a while ago (no not to get pregnant just to feel better) and my periods have been slightly touch and this one is massive - so heavy and just blergh. So I am sure that I am feeling some side effects of that - I feel tired and drained - you know what its like....but thats no excuse to binge and not exercise.

I feel lost. Its moments like these the 4.2 kilos I have lost feel like nothing as opposed to how great it felt the other day. I feel like my success is once again slipping out of my hands. Im scared Im going to end up like I was before. I need some focus - I need to ave some balance.

I think I need to reread my Portion Perfect book...maybe cutting the carbs out was not a good idea for me. Mikes doc reckons its the only way to loose weight.....

I felt really good before and I felt like I was making headway...maybe it is the carb thing.....

There is also the option of seeing a nutritionist/dietitian. Maybe thats what I need.

I just cant fail this time.

Ho Hum


  1. Gilly - write down everything you eat. Make sure you have healthy, easy options for snacks available to you.
    I personally am not a fan of any eating plan that completely cuts out a certain food (unless you are allergic).
    I know if I don't eat my snacks, I slip big time, and that is with 4 years of doing this healthy eating thing, so don't give up. Tomorrow is always a new day.

  2. Gilly, I have so many of these moments but I am so glad to read you later post where you have managed to rationalise it all and lets face it your period never helps things LOL.

  3. Gilly, I think you aren't eating enough. YOu know if you eat too little, it makes your body go into starvation mode and you won't lose weight. I suspect you might not be eating enough protein. If you eat enough protein and low GI foods, it usually will sustain you.

    Funny that you mention this because I have been inspired by you and I am looking at doing something. I've just borrowed these Body Trim dvds from Moo's teacher. I'm pretty sure it advocates protein 6 times a day. 50g each time I think!?!?! I haven't watched the dvds yet...only got them this morning!

    Also I find when I have my period I need to eat some red meat. And having enough protein will help too.

    Do NOT give up. Just re-adjust. You are still figuring out what will work. (((hugs)))

  4. A really heavy period could indicate that you're low in iron - low iron = heavier period leading to lower stores of iron. I think it is the body's idea of irony!!!
    {I am so funny - did you get that??? I'm laughing out loud at my own great humor!!!}
    Sensibly - low iron can also increase feeling of anxiety. So if you comfort eat a bit feelings of anxiety due to low iron won't be helping either.

  5. Thanks guys- you are so good to me! Sara thats awesome and I cant wait to hear all your great work!