Thursday, February 11, 2010

11th February - Water Aerobics!

I had a day off exercise yesterday - I am finding Wednesday is a good day to have off.... I need it after circuit and badminton.

Today I have done water aerobics and I challenged myself to the hilt today. We did interval training. I did the running on the spot with my feet off the ground which is the hardest position you can do and I also chose to do it all in deeper water. I am really enjoying the water aerobics and I am finding in particular this week - it more of a thats great.

Tomorrow will be home aerobics and over the weekend I must get in some yoga as it has been a week.

I have trialed some new pasta tonight - its made from buckwheat and it is very nice. Mike thinks it interesting! I enjoyed it and its a low GI carb which will release slowly.

I have been having tuna at lunch tome which is nice too.

I have been weighing myself but Im not going to say what I am until Tuesday - but Im happy with the direction LOL

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