Sunday, February 7, 2010

7th January - Blink And You Miss It

Well that's another weekend down.

I didnt do any exercise yesterday (Saturday) as I was feeling a little off. I think that when I have been doing abdo work I have strained my already sore neck and I had a bit of a headache to be honest. Felt a bit ick...and plus I had a very over tired son who had completed a first week of school - he needed alot of attention.

Today I completed an aerobics routine - I did it this evening as we had a birthday party to go to at lunch time. It was an ok workout - more like "well I had to do that!" But Im showered and done now and I feel great for it.

We went to this party and I was very good. I just ate a plate of food and had one piece of cake - lots off the fruit platter and only three softies in three hours. Pretty good I think. And besides it was good for the soul being with friends!

I happy with how things worked out exercise wise this week - lets check it out:

Monday - circuit training
Tuesday -badminton and and yoga
Wednesday - rest day
Thursday - water aerobics
Friday - aerobics.
Saturday - rest
Sunday - aerobics.

I think thats pretty good!

Circuit and water aerobics only go for another 7 weeks so after that I am going to join the gym and go three times a week - twice during the week and once on the weekend I think. It will cost me the same as the classes and be a variety.

So it all looks great - as does my husband - he has lost about 4 kilos and goes to the gym just about every night! Hes amazing! I am very proud of him :)

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  1. I joined the gym yesterday!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration... going to my first class tonight - Aquafit!