Tuesday, February 23, 2010

23rd February - Ouch!

Ok - I havent blogged for a few days so that naughty. but you will be happy to know I have been a good girl.

I have done aerobics Friday, Saturday and Sunday and even went out for dinner on Saturday night and have managed to loose that weight and some more on top :)

I weighed in this morning at another 700gms down - putting my weight loss at 7.7kgs. Thats great! I know its not my official weigh in but I thought I would check the scales after the weekend.

On a downer note though I have hurt my back. I live with a constant amount of back pain - I have a bulging disc at L5 S1. But I did something doing aerobics last night and now Im in alot of pain. I have a physio booked for this afternoon - which is a really positive step for me. Usually I dont go and just pray it goes away - but as a commitment to my health I am going this afternoon at 420pm. Hopefully they will be able to do something because it really hurts :(

Im also hoping they can do something because I cant afford major time out from working out. I dont want to put the weight back on.

So I will let you all know how I go. In the meantime its wheat packs and Voltaren tablets.

I hope you are all traveling well and I just love hearing about your successes...leave me a comment and let me know how you are going :)

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  1. Oh Gilly I hope you get some relief from the physio. :( You are doing fantastic!!!