Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2nd February - Check In Day

Here are my numbers as of this morning:

Last Check In - December 29th 09
Bust: 128cm -2cm
Waist: 129cm -3cm
Hips: 133cm -4cm
Upper Arm: 38cm -6cm
Thigh: 72 1/2cm -1/2cm

Check In - January 19th 10
Bust: 123cm -5cm
Waist: 121cm -8cm
Hips: 124cm -9cm
Upper Arm: 35cm -3cm
Thigh: 65cm -7.5cm
(minus figures from the last check in )

Check In - February 2nd
Bust: 123cm -7cm
Waist: 119cm -14cm
Hips: 123cm -14cm
Upper Arm: 35cm -9cm
Thigh: 63.5cm -10.5cm
(minus figures are a running total.)

I have also now lost 4.2 kilos - thats 1.19 kilos since my last check in.

I have now lost a total of 55.5cms off my body.

I know I should be happy but I wont lie - I would have liked more...but you see this is where I have to change my mindset. In the past I would go on diets to reach a goal - get pregnant, fit into a wedding dress yadda yadda yadda...so I did what ever it took to get to that weight - well nothing silly though...

So I know that 4.2 kilos over 52 days is awesome ...its sustainable and its healthy. It sets me up for great long term success.

I also find today I am tired and sore and a little light headed. Thats because I have dont so much exercise that my body is crying out for some rest. Im not necessarily tired but my body is....and that's something else from previous attempts. I have to move at every single possibility. At my peak when I was loosing weight to get pregnant I ran 6kms in the morning, did aerobics at lunch time and ran again at night. Not healthy. So last night I should have simply sat on my ass instead of pushing myself through a yoga routine. And tonight I will - I played baddy this morning so I dont need to do anything else. And tomorrow I am going to do nothing. My body needs it and I dont need injury or aches and pains turning me off.

I need balance - its a marathon not a sprint.


  1. wow Gilly!! Are you kidding me? those results are fantastic.. it may not be 'melting off' as fast as you want.. but it certainly didn't get there overnight and you're DOING it.. the proof is there in the numbers, you're actually getting there!! It'll take a while, but you should feel so damn proud of yourself, you've changed your LIFE!

    I'm so proud of you :) keep it up!

  2. These results are awesome Gill you should be soooooo proud of yourself, with you loosing it at the rate you are its more likely to stay off, if you were to lose it too quick you might find you'd start to put it back on at some stage.

    I'm so happy for you :)

    You should post a pic up of a before and after at some stage.