Friday, February 5, 2010

5th February - The End of A Long Week

Blergh what a week - ups and downs for sure! But I survived and now its the weekend!

This week I reassessed my carb intake and strongly believe it was inadequate. So I am increasing that with healthy carb choices. We are also trialing a new breakfast cereal - Kelloggs Guardian. I like it - I think its sweet! We are also trialling new milk and butter with plant sterols which can reduce your cholesterol by 15%. So we will see if prolonged use helps.

I also purchased a large amount of fish to eat in the next fortnight. We have a fish truck which comes to town and sells frozen fish. I have heard very good reports so I am looking forward to it. I also bought 1/2 kilo of prawns as a treat - Im the only one who eats them!

My exercise for the week was:

Monday - circuit training
Tuesday -badminton and and yoga
Wednesday - rest day
Thursday - water aerobics
Friday - aerobics.

I still have Saturday and Sunday to come. I think I will more than likely walk on Sunday morning and probably do yoga tomorrow. That seems like a good mix for the week.


  1. great plan, congrats for surviving the week on a good note and yummo to the prawns

  2. Gee, you're doing so well with exercise, I find it hard to just get out for a walk. There's no way I'd have prawns to myself in this house, everyone loves them!

  3. Oooooh! I wish we had a fish truck drop by. Yum.