Tuesday, February 16, 2010

16th February - Check in Day

Here are my stats from last fortnight:

Check In - February 2nd
Bust: 123cm -7cm
Waist: 119cm -14cm
Hips: 123cm -14cm
Upper Arm: 35cm -9cm
Thigh: 63.5cm -10.5cm
(minus figures are a running total.)

And I had lost a total of 4.2kgs.

These are my stats today:

Check In - February 16th
Bust: 119cm -11cm
Waist: 117cm -16cm
Hips: 120 1/2cm -16 1/2cm
Upper Arm: 35cm -9cm
Thigh: 63cm -11cm
(minus figures are a running total.)

And I have also lost - in the last two weeks - another 2.8 kilos - making my total weight loss 7kgs and a total of 63.5cms off my body.

I am so happy with this fortnights results! I know Im on the right track!

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  1. WOOHOO!! You are doing so well!! Keep up the great work! I think it is great that you can re evaluate your goals and set more realistic ones. As great as running can be is it not something I want to achieve. And thanks to you, I've joined weight watchers! Thank you so much for inspiring me!! xox