Sunday, February 14, 2010

Goal Re-Evaluation

I have been thinking about my goals and in particular my exercise goals. I have found that as I have moved into a regular routine - and one for life - that I am perhaps not built for, motivated towards and in need of the outcomes I set originally.

For example running. I am not in the position at the moment to take on running again - and I have discovered those through the exercises I have been doing. I mean - I can run...but with a bulging disc and a few more changes attributed to babies I dont think I am in the same physical zone that I was to be running. I also used running as an express to loosing weight. Not something I want to do now.

Here is what I wrote in the beginning:

Exercise Goals

Main Goal

To exercise at a rate which burns fat for 60 minutes 6 days a week with one rest day a week.

To be able to run 12kms a day again.

Half Way Goal

To be exercising for 30 minutes 6 times a week.
To be able to run 6kms a day by my birthday - 3 June.

Mini Goal

To exercise for 30 minutes a day at a rate which will burn fat 4 times a week.

These exercises can include walking, swimming and aerobics.

So....I think we can all agree that I have reached and maintained my mini goal - even with having missed three days this week I completed 4 days with 30 minutes of fat burning exercise.

So thats wonderful!!!!

Now my half way goals is to be exercising for 30 minutes 6 times a week and to be able to run 6kms a day by my birthday - 3 June.

Ok - well Im not too far off obtaining the first part but Im not sure about the running - I may be able to run 6kms on a treadmill - but certainly not road running.

And the my main goal is to exercise at a rate which burns fat for 60 minutes 6 days a week with one rest day a week and to be able to run 12kms a day again.

Again I confident I can do the first half but the running again is perhaps not so.

So I am going to make the running goals optional. I would like to start treadmill work and at the end of this school term I am going to join the gym here in town so who knows...maybe I will. But I am happy to make them optional.

Ok here are my weight goals.

Main Goal:

Lose 40 kilos in 52 weeks.

Achieve a BMI of 30 (or lower)

Reduce clothing size to a size 16-18 (or lower)

Reduce my waist to 100cms or lower (80cm is desired)

To reduce my blood pressure to a normal range of approximately 120/80. This may need to be checked routinely by GP.

Halfway Goal

To have lost 20 kilos by my birthday - June 3rd.

10% Weight Loss Goal


Once mini goal is met then reset to another mini goal.

Upon reaching mini goal - a full body massage at local massage centre.

So I think I am traveling well towards these and I am still happy with them.. Currently I am about 4.5kgs off my mini goal and I think that in the time frame I have been doing this that is an excellent and healthy achievement.

Only 4.5kgs away from a massage LOL.

I would like to be 100kgs or less by my birthday - that would be nice...and thats 10.2kgs away. I also have a wedding to go to in July and I am going to buy a new outfit for that as a celebration of weight loss and the marriage! So I look forward to seeing what my weight will be by then!

All in all I think I am traveling very well.


  1. You are doing more than travelling well Gilly. You are doing fabulously. Motivated, focussed and enthusiastic. Look forward to seeing you get to your main goal at the end of the year.

  2. Your doing a fantastic job Gilly.. congrats and look forward to seeing you keep going!

  3. great news Gilly, you are an inspiration.