Monday, April 12, 2010

Forgive Me?

Forgive me blog reader for I have sinned - it has been 12 days since my last entry!

Wow times flies! We are in the throws of the school holidays and very busy ones at that!

Easter has come and gone and yes - I ate chocolate. That combined with a hormonal moment and some emotional decisions (nothing heavy) being made and you have yourself the first weight gain of this whole exercise.

I find the holiday hard going. Normal routine is out the window and food is relaxed and more taken in. We also travel alot in the holidays and stay with family and they dont what what we eat and so its hard.

I am now only 900gms above my lowest weight so thats good that I am getting back into control. I gained almost 2 kilos. I could kick myself to be honest. I think of when I was eating and realised I dont even like what Im eating. It made me feel ill. I can really see how one can so easily fall back into the old ways and pile on the weight again.

But I am human. And I live and learn and I can see the error of my ways. But having said that I also need to live. I am a sociable person and at times - especially during the holidays - I like to eat out, eat with friends and eat the odd piece of chocolate. Changing your lifestyle cannot include barring things for me. It simply wont work.

I have increased my gym time. I go now for about 1 1/2 hours - and do a full 60 minutes of cardio and about 20 minutes of weights. I have found that I love the gym so much and although during the holidays I havent gone as much as I would have liked - I have managed to go enough.

The end of this week sees the end of the holidays and thr return of routine for another 12 weeks.

I am only 900gms up and so Im super proud of my effort to get back.

I have also decided its time to set some new goals - so more on that to follow.

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  1. I think at our age we have realised that deprivation = failure. I have no intention of need to eat carrot sticks to maintain a healthy weight. That's not living. I figure part of life is occasionally eating for enjoyment but it is a bit of a trick to make sure that you really want and enjoy and love what you decide to splurge on...and not thinking afterwards "why?" Congrats on your gym commitment. Don't think I am ever gonna be a gym junkie :P