Monday, April 12, 2010

Some New Goals

I have been kind of hovering around the same weight for a few weeks now and have decided that some new goals might be in order to help motivate me.

So here they are:

Not a new one but a reaffirmation to start with...

Weigh 97.7kgs by June 3rd (my birthday)
I have 9.2 kilos to go in 7 weeks. Im not sure if I will do it but I can only aim for it and go for broke. That will be 20 kilos lost.

Run the 4km Distance in the City to Surf on 28th August 2010
Dont care if I dont win it (like I would anyway LOL) but I want to give it a go - so I need to focus my workouts towards training for that too.

Only Drink Water
I need to recommit to drinking water - no matter where I am.

Check Food Portions
I have been slack and whilst I dont think I am eating a great deal more - I need to start recording it again - its the only way to get over the hump.

Nothing earth shattering but enough to get me remotivated.....

1 comment:

  1. My portion control has gone out the window the past weeks Gilly. Visiting rellies who serve big meals. Sounds like some good goals. I haven't weighed in for a while. I might have to reassess when I do too.