Wednesday, March 31, 2010

31st March - Catch Up

Nothing much to report - just wanted to touch base. I am continuing at the gym and loving it - I love nothing better than going early - its a reat start to the day.

I have lost some more weight but I will wait until weigh in day to make it official but I was happy enough with my weight to give myself the morning off today. I had an awful nights sleep and Lainey had been very very unwell and so I am feeling a little drained. Mike is too as its the last 2 days before the school holidays and well thats always manic! But I will be back to it tomorrow :)

Just as a side note I have a muscle in my abs that I seem to have pulled - I am having problems doing crunches - so I am just watching that. A days rest will no doubt do it the world of good anyway.

I hope you are all traveling well and I would love to hear your progress :)

Oh - and a couple of Easter eggs isnt going to kill you!

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