Sunday, April 18, 2010

End of School Holidays Catch Up

Well today is the last day of the school holidays and wow has it been busy.

My weight has fluctuated over the holidays and i put that down to the food I have eaten at certain times. I gained weight over Easter and have been working to get rid of that.

I weighed on on Friday and I am now officially 106.0 kgs. Which means I have now lost exactly 10% of my body weight from when I started.I gained 2 kilos over Easter so I have lost 2.1kgs since then and am now at my lowest weight ever. So I am exceptionally happy about that.

I have been maintaining the gym at a rate of 5 days a week although I am varying the exercises and time spent. Never less than one hour but due to muscle soreness I have been changed my weight routine or not doing it at all. I have realised I cant do weights every day and apparently thats not good for you so I will do it every second day. I am running well on the treadmill and am working towards the City to Surf - I have a friend writing a programme for me. I am also working my heart rate at about 155BPM constantly whilst doing cardio so thats a bench mark for me.

I haven't measured myself recently as I felt a bit down about the whole weight gain thing and didnt want to rub it in so to speak . but I did go and buy some new bras during the week and Im down to an 18D. I havent been an 18D in about 14 years. Im amazed. So I splashed out and bought some really pretty lacy numbers. Mike loves them! And so do I - I feel sexy wearing them and so I should - I cant remember the last time I got to buy some bras off the shelf with the nice stuff on it!

The biggest news of all is that my doctor has HALVED my blood pressure medication! I am now on 75mg of Karvea and I am so darn proud of myself. I have to go back in a fortnight to have my BP taken to see if its working but even being allowed to try it is amazing. I am so happy and know that I need to keep up my work to maintain a lower BP. Its a great motivater and a reality check as to why I really started this in the first place.

This week we are back into school routine and normal life. I will be getting up again at 5.30am for the gym - wow thats going to suck! But I will be fine. back to salads for lunch and a less naughty food routine.

I hope you are all traveling well and thanks for staying in touch - i love to hear about your successes as they motivate me too!

Take carexx

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