Monday, March 8, 2010

8th March - Zumba! I am at a plateau....weight is stable...exercise is same old same old. And I guess 11 weeks in one would expect that in a way.

So Im changing it up. I am going back to documenting everything I eat. I have started doing the Zumba workouts and I am this week joining the gym.

I need to up the water again and cut out the (albiet decaf) coke and coffee.

I really want to get off this little step. And horray for me for recognising it. I would now traditionally say oh well that's great, cheat and lie top myself about what Im doing and summarily put all the weight plus more back on.

Im only 3.6 kilos off my first target and in some ways I would have thought I would have reached it now. Almost 3 months, a quarter of my challenge time into this change and Im not even 10% of my body weight down.

So hence the steps to get off the plateau.

So heres what I have eaten today:

Breakfast was one serve of Guardian cereal and 200mls of hi-lo milk.
Snack - 40gms sultanas
Lunch was 40gms tuna and salad - balsamic vinegar dressing- and a plum.
Snack - 40gms sultanas
Dinner - 3/4 cup spag bog sauce, 3/4 cup whole wheat spaghetti, salad with dressing.
Snack - 100gms no fat yoghurt and tinned peaches.

All I have drunken today is water.

I zumbaed for 30 minutes.

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  1. Go Zumba! And go Gilly! A great post- and timely as I have plateau'd too.