Friday, June 18, 2010

Im So Naughty!

For not posting for a little while! Im so sorry :) Life has been manic at the moment - and In a totally good way! I am flat out on a number of committees and I have also decided to go back to school and study. I am doing my Cert III in Aged Care and then when Lainey starts school I will do my RN at uni! I really want to wor in aged care and have bitten the bullet and started the training.

But apart from all of that how are things going on the weight side of things. Well my last official weigh in was 14th May and I was down to 103.0kgs. Today I have weighed in at 100.8gs. So I have now lost 16.9gs and feeling fab! I also think I have lost more centimeters off my body but will do a measurement in the morning.

I am still at the gym three mornings a week - although I have been a bit sporadic in the last two weeks due to children being sick. But I also have the treadmill at home and am loving the handiness of that. Winter is definitely a harder season to be active in so I try and find alot of incidental exercise. The kids and I are walking to school at the moment - when its not wet and thats some great exercise too.

So Im still here and working hard - I now need to set myself a 10kg goal - look at it in smaller pieces to get to my main goal. Im also still in training for the City to Surf run in August - Im hoping I do ok!

I hope you are all working hard in these colder times too. Keep it up and I would love to hear how you are doing.


  1. Sounds like things are ticking along beautifully for you! Congratulations on keeping up your weight loss plan. I also had plans to be an RN after the cert, 3 course I did, but those babies kept coming! Best of luck with your study.

  2. I have completely lost focus! After sick children I've not yet been able to get back into the swing of it all... but hey - there is always today so here I go for another try.