Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Time to Deal With the Emotional

One of the things I was determined to do this year was fix myself physically and emotionally. As many of you can see I have the physical underway but the emotional has reared its ugly head again.

I was taken to hospital in an ambulance two weeks ago with what they now think was a panic attack. I have been estranged from my family for a while now and I recently found out some information about them that I have found hard to process.

Basically all of this has culminated in me seeing my doctor and I am now taking some medication and will be seeing a therapist in the near future. I am hoping to finally deal with the baggage I have and hopefully move forward happily.

As for my weight I have pretty much been hovering around the same weight of 103.7. Thats fine - I have not been to the gym as much (I also have a sick son so some late nights have been had)as I would like but I am being conscious of what I eat and so that's been working well. I would like to have lost more weight but we will have to see what weigh in day brings. As long as I dont gain Im happy. I also have to be kind to myself - I have enough stress and pressure without hating myself for weight issues.

So as I always say - onwards and upwards :)


  1. Absolutely Gilly. Our family has been sick for over a month now making it very difficult to get to the gym. I made it though for the first time in weeks last night (even though I now have a cold!) and it reminded me just how good it made me feel.
    Just remember that keeping up with the exercise will give you the 'buzz' you need to help you sort through all the emotional crap you've got going on... but some times something just gotta give.

  2. Thinking of you Gilly. Take care.